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Reviews for "XTC Xtreme 3"

It would have been funny

If it didn't show the sam thing over and over again. And who was that guy that was placed over the cartoon? He looked so gay.

ViceFullbuster responds:

haha cause maybe he was

I laughed....

It has to be good if I laughed. Not usually a fan of just loops, but this was pretty funny with a good choice of music.

ViceFullbuster responds:

Glad you laffed

it was ok

it took me 1 minute to find out it was a never ending loop. the only thing I could say to is to work on the graphics more the screen was a bet burry at times

ViceFullbuster responds:

Yeah the quality wasn't the greatest.


Awesome stuff, brings a tear to my eye. If only I could complete my own trilogy that is Saving Ryan's Privates. Well SRP III will come out one day ...

*holds up the V2 sign*

ViceFullbuster responds:

What an honor it is to have SBCV2 review,thank you. ^_^

The music was good...

...but the flash was bad! Honestly, it looked like the flash basically consisted of a looping .gif image. Anyways...graphics were bad, style was bad (the big penis was weird), the sound was excellent, and there was a little bit of humor in here (since it managed to pass judgement, and also that penis is very long). Still, this is a very bad flash. Overall: 1/10

Oh yeah, I'll save you some work.

Flash by JasonMath:

- none -

ViceFullbuster responds:

Hey at least you gave a good honest review about your opinion so i give you props for it. =)