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Reviews for "XTC Xtreme 3"

normally I'd write something angry

but, I can't help it. You won me over with the music this time.

ViceFullbuster responds:

i win all


quite funny. make it longer

ViceFullbuster responds:



Ok I think taht was a bit fun, but... man be serious this is a flash portal not some kind of crazy shit, I think that was stollen I can really imagin that a person would make that stuff for posting here... or mabye you are crazy XD cool hahaha
lol but well this is like pervet not in the cool sex way but in the gay way lol

ViceFullbuster responds:

English Much?


i giggled ^_^

this would be great as a YTMND, but not so good as a flash.

You'v either:

a) Stolen this as the Batman UelaUlea was
b)Made a bad descision

ViceFullbuster responds:

Flash>YTMND>o rly?

It already got turd.

So now I can give it the score it deserves!