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Reviews for "Flash Racer"


not really that fun, it was boring, in annoyed the hell outta me.
but it had some good things in it so i give it a 3. other than that it was missing some things. But i would like some of the music in it. if i ever find the names of the songs.

didn't like the characters, just leme race

most of them are stereotypical and made me close this game before i even could choose one, seems like a good game from what i have seen, but loose the characters, plz

Good but major Flaw

You screwed up on the control of your car. When you reverse, you didn't swap the direction you have to press, ie. When you want to go left when reversing, you have to turn the wheel to the right, its the opposite from going forward. To, me that's a major flaw in a driving game, you get a 1.

so laggy

i have an awsome computer and it was laggin even if i put the detail on low!!! otherwise it was good i guess. 2/5 from me

Pretty good.....make a new one but make it better

It was a pretty good game. I'd say its a good start for somthing really good. More weapons and make it harder. The drivers really really sucked. Make it so you can change the control buttons where they are placed now is too awkward. Funny characters though. I didn't have sound on so i dunno.