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Reviews for "Flash Racer"

what a fukin shitty gAMe

i hated that thing. U touch someone and ur car stops.. ur scrap against a wall it stops.. The graphics suk. The game was going in a good direction then it went WAY off course and now...it suks

Not Bad

It's pretty good. A lot of features that were nice. Keep up the good work.

Good, but needs more realistic physics.

The collision detection was the game's main problem. Everytime you "hit" something, you went straight back. This isn't realistic at all. Even a glancing blow kills all forward momentum. Scraping the side does not through you back. If that were fixed, this game would be awesome.

wow good one top ten game for me!!!

good job!! very funny like the other person said!! keep it up!! This here is better than Crunk Fo Shizzle!!!


This game is like a new version of the old Nes classic RC-Proam

Its very funny and easy to learn but gives lots of gametime :)

10 oveall from me