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Reviews for "Flash Racer"


caboose killer u suck u just take a tight corner and let the missiles hit the sides of the track i beat storyline and grand prix on hard mode. oh yeah good game only wish it was multiplayer and the storyline should be a bit longer great game overall

Nothing Special

Well, that wasnt a bad game, but it was too buggy. I sometimes stucked in the nothing! And it was boring a little bit. But that wasn't bad.


the game is good but that dude is right, wtf is wid the story line, since when do dudes race for girls insted of money/pinkslips, only in flash ul find this madness, can we race for giraffes next

not very good

first of all u need to fix dat missle shit, either make the missles fun out o fuel or make em faster then the car because i don't like fucking missle chasing me trough da whole map, and the character and the storylije were mega gay, anyone else realize??


Very cool...speed blur is a nice little effect and the challenges are really fun!