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Reviews for "Flash Racer"

good overall, but room for improvement

One thing I noticed was that all the other racers all went in the same line. And that AI seemed to not ever want to deviate from that line, even if it meant hitting objects. Also I've noticed that it will often end the race a lap early, so you should definitely fix that. Otherwise good except for the fact that your car almost completely stops if you get bumped in any direction. I know it might be slightly more realistic this way, but it would be more fun like bumper cars you know?

don't get me wrong though. I really like it and have been playing it a lot.


nice game...just wondering y u called a mahine gun a mac...that stands for magnetically accelerated cannon....basially a gauss rifle or rail gun...part from that nice....

Rustygames responds:

Mac is short for machine gun. Google image search "mac gun"

loved it.

awsome racer! love the weapons needs a bit more possibly.

dont like it too much

too hard...... seen better

Could be a little better (no offense)

My main thing i didn't like (probably the only) is the shooting system. I dont like how you have to use your left hand to drive (when im right handed) and look at your mouse and click all at once. mabye you should make the keys the arrow keys, and have like space for fire and just make it shoot forward.
remember im not trying to offend you just merely giving ideas