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Reviews for "Flash Racer"

Too damn easy

I completed it on easy med and hard and found it pretty easy then again i love games like this XD

pros and cons time

pros:the handling is great the whole idea is great
cons:There were to many bugs in the game like gitter even on lo quality and the entry to modes was hard for the begginer

Overall:play only if u like racing

good game

you spelled tons wrong in the author comments

Rustygames responds:

It's the english spelling check google

Needs work.

The collision detection is horrible. There are tons of times when I'm not even close to an enemy vehicle or a wall yet I stop dead and bounce back. It's frusterating to lose a race due to bad collision detection. Other than that, it's decent though i personally find the music annoying.

best racing game ive eva bin on

and tht includes mario kart. seriously this is a great game and i loved the autopause idea, hope to see more stuff by u on ng in future.