Reviews for "CRAPPY FLASH MOVIE!!!!!!"

Interesting style to say the least.

Dude, I like your style of drawing, but you could have done something with real substance. I'm sure you've done a lot more work than this so I won't say too much. I hope to see something better in the future.

I liked it....

Neat animation and a good choice of music. Good job.

Well, that was something...

that movie was interesting, I'm not saying the artistry was bad, it wasn't, i'm saying your skills could be put to better use. Like a better movie!

Do try harder next time.


I was expecting some kind of blam parody. Guess I got disapointed. However, I still found this quite funny, the guy that goes killing everyone for not obvious reason at all (random movie)... I don't know why, but this flash somehow reminded me of the stuff done by Piconjo (minus the pen0r part, of course). 2/5

Low quality movie with no fun AT ALL!

Well first of all i think it was boring, because nearly nothing was happening in it!
It was low gfx, and i could nearly see nothing of what was happening! Well i wont recommend it!!
The best was the violence... if it had some better gfx it would increase the overall score a lot! Many ppl, i think, would like to watch violent movies... therefore it could had been good... if the gfx was better...

P.S. "Crappy Flash Movie" is an exelent title!