Reviews for "CRAPPY FLASH MOVIE!!!!!!"

Pretty good,and I agree

I agree with that one reviewer that said,"I person could go insane watching the stuff you submit".To tell the truth,I nearly went insane,for real,I felt so strange after this,I wanted to kill myself,but I did not,I can keep a sanity,but if I watch any more of this stuff I think I'm going to go insane and come to your house and kill YOU,but I'll saty away from your movie so that does not happen.
ANYWAYS,the review:

This was ok on my scale.Graphics,good but adding some color and more blood might make it better,style,pretty much the same,cute looking B&W chars and rape or killing or some strange mix of the both,sound,good songs,would be good to add sound though,voilence,hell yes,but not that good of a job,because it is just some guy slahing and tearing people aprt with his hands and a knife thing,maybe some guns?Interactivity,add a play buuton,instead of a movie strting right out of the blue.Humor,nothing more than killing,no humor as far as I can see.
Overall,good flash,though the quality and the overall looking leads to it's small demise.Maybe in the next flashes you will be making,you could add some color,a play button,and sound?Or just edit this one?Anyways,good luck on further flash you might make.


I love this movie. I'm gonna fave it for sure! If the little killy guy has a name I'd like to know just because he so KYOOT!


one thing: you need COLOR!!!!

is that yakkity sax?

Fist off, you need to come up with better titles for ur flash movies, unless u want underdog of the week with every submission. Second that was brilliant, yet disturbing at the same time. I like your cartoony half-stick animation style. Very original.

Just another example of how the human race is screwed =)

what the...

great music for this . really suited it.
good cartoon if a bit on the violent side.