Reviews for "CRAPPY FLASH MOVIE!!!!!!"

lol. "Mild Violence"?

Very... Violent.

ha ha ha

this was a sriously hilarious flash! the title is quite untrue! i liked the whole sketch style drawing. a smiling knife wielding lunatic killing everyone in sight to the benny hill song was so funny i thought i was going to cry. keep on animating!


Nice work overall, except for the drawings - I don't know if you intended to make them that sketchy, but It kinda became an issue as sometimes it was hard to know what was what, But overall; Good job.

You've got the music and sounds right, just work on the drawings.

Now, that's what I call experiment!

I couldn't stand to see the whole movie. It was just weird and sick. However the use of the music takes on the spotlight something intersting. Viewer's reaction on a movie can be highly diverse under certain experimentation bond between audio n' video...

the music was absurd, thus. the storytelling (video) was violent but silly, in a way.

Good work.

not really all that crappy

its better than the crap ive seen on newgrounds before