Reviews for "CRAPPY FLASH MOVIE!!!!!!"

Great "plot", not that bad animation, REALLY FUNNY

Excellent job my friend, i just loved the music, it matched the animation so well. Keep up the good work and make more movies like this!
~Slayer X

excellent as usual

why hello there captain, your latest toon here is a wonderful piece of flash!

graphically, the lines didn't seem as defined as they usually are in your movies, but your style definitely makes up for it. the way the characters look is just something i LOVE!

the violence in this one isn't the most violent thing in the world, but the characters' expressions are what make your movies so lovably funny. HOORAY FOR FUN!

its really quite funny

not the movie, i found it too obviously gorey to be funny. i think its funny the way music influences the mood of any given peice. you used benny hill's running theme for this, therefor we thought, silly, funny killing, however, if you had used a peice from oh say i dunno....metallica or something we'd have all seen it in a lot more gruesome way

RedSkelton responds:

this boy needs a medal


The animation is gorgeous--seriously, some of the best I've seen on NG. The art style wasn't that great, simple line drawings, but they moved beautifully. Very fluid and clean.

It's a huge shame that the subject matter is sick. Really, truly demented. Warped.

A guy drives to a hospital, crashes into the lobby, and begins slaying people at random. I loved the animation and I hated what it portrayed.

Other viewers, I don't recommend it except as an example of nicely animated flash. I wish I could. I wish it had something else that was redeeming.


definately a keeper.