Reviews for "CRAPPY FLASH MOVIE!!!!!!"

Super funny movie

super funny movie

what........... the......... h3ll........

that was messed up, but i liked it!

Okay I see a little pattern here

The only reason this is my favorate flash of yours because it didn't involve rape.

I love your style of flash but I would love it even more if the content weren't so disgusting. A person could go insane watching the shit that you submit, and why don't you ever put a real title?

The raping is never worn

Not bad at all, but deffinately needs more sex. Your last review you said it was worn, but I disagree. There can NEVER be too much sex! muahah! Awesome nonethe less

Greatness but...

I think this one lacked sex. And there was so much teasing, the nurse, the guy who was gonna be operated, the little girl...

RedSkelton responds:

i hear ya! but i felt the raping was getting a little worn so i took a break from it.