Reviews for "CRAPPY FLASH MOVIE!!!!!!"


That crazy bald man reminds me of ted bundy.

I have no idea why ^_^

Nice one


It really wasn't terrible, just you have a terrible name for it and it lacks one huge thing: COLOR!!! even basic colors would be find. But it was all too pencilish. I just couldn't get passed the colorlessness. My suggestion is: Add color! Change the name! then submit it as a newer version. You might get some really good reviews+votes.

A Little More Violence Please!

Wow, it reminded me of my last trip to my local ER! Sound was good, I think it could have GREAT if you used a small dash of color, say for instance ceyanne, or maybe mauve. I liked it, and would like to see more but please add color. It would make it wunafoe! Have you thought about maybe using classical music for a build up! They don't call it classical for nothing!
Can't wait to see more!

Dying is the leading cause of Death!


ahh.. its nice to see that other people apreciate knife weilding maniacs in hospitals. GO MINDLESS VIOLENCE WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO

Good animation, bad humor

The animation in the feature was pretty good! It was smooth, and easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, the humor wasn't all that great. You could have made a much funnier submission than this one using the same animation...

Anyway, it was pretty good...