Reviews for "Rock Grid Rumble"

Still Needs Work

You should add a "Power Bar" So that you can control the distance you can shoot. You should also maybe add a "Versus" mode where you can throw exploding rock things at your enemies. Good concept, kinda similar to "Bowman". However, I think you could do a lot better if you spend more time to add new features, such as more Background areas for special bonus stuff you can do (like throwing your rock in a volcanoe)(I know it sounds stupid, I'm just trying to help.) Good game, and keep trying.

Quite unique, actually

Strangely enough, though, this takes place before armor was even invented. Get it? And it's made by Armor Games? Anyway, No one else would've thought of this, so you get points for creativity.

NegativeTWO responds:

Heh, thanks. Creativity is one of the angles I was going for with this one. I couldn't think of any other games about cannons strapped to dinosaurs, so I went with it. As far as the gameplay, I was hopeing that would feel original too. Although a friend said it was familiar to a classic game called Othello that I haven't had a chance to play.

Thanks for you review.


Nice, very good, fun, addictive game, if a little easy. keep it up! :D