Reviews for "Rock Grid Rumble"


You will die for defying Rockhead Rumple!

Great game.

Nice to see somthing new

Very unique. The graphics were interesting and the sound wasnt bad (though you could have added random *boing* sounds to give it some flavor) I also would have perfered a best out of 3 type thing. over all good.

A good time killer indeed.

A pretty nicely done game. Graphics are good, and there's not many games of this type on NG so you get style points for that. The only reason you don't get a 10 is due to a lack of depth. You can play games versus the computer, or against a friend. That's it. Needs like, powerups...levels...difficulty...story mode maybe? But all in all it's a good play if your bored.

Great time killer--Definite reccomendation to PLaY

Overall the concept, power-ups, style, sound, and look were nicly done.

There are really only two things I do not like.
1.) In a tie, the player wins....common but still do not like it
2.) There is no carry over of stats i.e. like a tournament game where you win so many out of # or have an increase in difficulty as you make your way to a final "BOSS".

When the rocks would lock into the grid somewhere before falling all the way down was a bit strange, but flaw or not--I think it adds another level to the strategy to the game.

*<}:o) H-D

Good game, but...

It's a great game. I can see you've put a lot of effort into it.
It's also good that the graphics turn bad for a sec when the screen moves. That way, the players on slower computers can enjoy the game too. There could've been more sound in it though. And with more sound, I also mean good sound. The rocks don't always get placed in the square where they should be, which is a nasty bug. But still, it's a pretty good game.