Reviews for "Rock Grid Rumble"

very good and addicting strategy

like my summary says, it was very addicting. Out of the 10 times I played it, i beat the computer 8 times. I think it cheated the other two though.

Amusingly Bizarre.

They're bat-things shooting rocks off dinosaurs...Awesome! Every time I've played, the score comes out to 13-11. Must be a math thing. A little animation for when you hit the other guy with a rock would've been a nice touch, but still a good game.


a very creative and very fun game... i have a feeling that i will be playing this for weeks... good jobs

good game.

that was fun. at first the comp was beating me. then i came back and raped his ass. fun involving angle puzzle game. peace.

pretty good game!

this game kept me occupied for a while... good job. one problem though, that is that the sfx were from quake 2 and i didnt see any credit. maybe im mixed up or just didnt see any but i think im right. anyhow good job