Reviews for "Rock Grid Rumble"

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! vary cool game

all i had to say

very cool game

nothing bad to say

Nice idea but..

It was great but i could use some other things music stuff like that charcters and a bigger playing feild but keep making and getting better peace out

Not too Shabby

Pretty decent game. Its simple and quick to understand.
The graphics are good and they don't take away from the gameplay. They could be a bit more detailed.
Try having simple additions like different backgrounds, change colors. Make it a point system, win the game by so much, get so many points. Otherwise, not a bad game to waste away some free time while at work.

Sound is good but it needs something, just to add to it. Too much would be distracting but as it stands now, its a bit hollow.

Overall its fun and I played it for about 20 mins. Also marked as a favorite. Has good replay value, not boring.

ai needs work

Nice game, but the AI needs some work. I just almost won by doing nothing but shooting @ 80° again and again (ok, it ended up 11:11).
Still a very nice game, i'm definitly gonna try the 2p mode somewhen.