Reviews for "SousaPalooza"

Eh it was ok...

Kinda repetetive, but i loved blasting those dam instruments! I gave it a 3!


that was great except, well, the limited instruments that were used unless you were going for all marching instruments

but, I didn't take away because of that, It was very well choreographed.


awesome game, although i woulda made the tubas into sousaphones, seeings how sousa invented them haha

as the person before me, your a moron: sousa never-ever put any orchestral instrumental parts in his songs, he wrote them for wind and percussional players

pretty good game

i liked the game because Sousa songs are pretty cool. i noticed that you had saxaphones and no violins or chellos or anything, so i figured it was done by a school band and not orchestral or anything. i also noticed that the best Sousa song wasnt' on there, i kept waiting for it, and got dissapointed when Stars and Stripes Forever wasn't on there. i also thought that Stars and Stripes Forever would have made like a boss level, because there's this huge Piccalo solo at the end of the song, so it coulda been a boss or somthing. but besides not having that song it was a pretty fun game.

i hate armorgames!

armor games sucks all they do is copy their own work! like this was pretty much defend ur bunker1