Reviews for "-Never Forget (OM)"


This is a great example of what a trance song sounds like, but unfortunately there is nothing really new sounding here. It has generic beats and melodies, all used expertly, but without any real effort to push the boundaries.

A Little More Variety

I agree with PessimistOwl. Its pretty repetative but still very nice. Put a little more time into it and I'm sure it will be even more awesome than it is. :D I'm very impressed.

This Belongs!

Sounds like it should be in a fighting video game with an invisible foe!

Ah trance, Where peaople have an excuse.

First off, let me congratulate you on making the middle of the best of the week list. That is really extraordinary that you made it only on your second

Overall, I think you may have something there. You have a cool sounding melody and backround and your creation is very new.
My main problem with this song is the fact that it just doesn't sound complete. Instead of something like "Here is a song with a beginning middle and ending, all of which are different and just as cool" your song sounded more like "Here is my idea for part of a song. Tell you what, I will loop this so you can get the whole effect only with different instruments0_0". Don't let the title fool you either, I was just thinking out loud. Your song is still cool. But it just doesn't seem like a full song. Basically your work is really repetative.
The phrase "Familiarity breeds contempt" comes to mind with this. I actually got a tad bored with the song after a while. Consider creating different parts to it or alltogether different sections.
Also it urks me that you said that you guys did this in a day. Sure it would be special if you did it in a day and this was the best damn thing I have ever heard however, your song was less so. IF you want to make it really cool you should take a little bit more time with it instead of rushing it out.

Other than that I can think of nothing else to critique. Like I said, you definetly I have something here, now just expand your idea and it will become a work of pure genious (I hope). Anyway, merry Christmahanakwanzaka and happy new year unless of course you are chinese. Keep up the good work and I hope to hear more from you,


This sounds like the work of ATB or some other proffesional electronic band. Nice. Im putting this on my ipod :)