Reviews for "-Never Forget (OM)"


Definatley a trance


They call it trance for a reason!

This song possessed me for a good 15 minutes. That being said, its nothing I haven't heard before in terms of trance, still - this one is going on my ipod - I'll tell my friends.

I'm just curious as to what program you guys used. I'm new to music mixing, I don't even have a synthesizer or anything - just use ACID EXpress for the most part and acoustica beat craft.

Good work on this one, I don't care if you didn't break any boundaries or anything - you made a good song and I hope you had as much fun making it as I did listening to it.

NeuK responds:

FL Studio 9.

Text Book Trance

Basic beats, basic sound, but I still loved it. Just change up the sound alittle bit and make it alittle more technical it'll be on the front page for a very long time.


i saw this song last week and downloaded it. i thought it was great i just never reviewed it.

u make the best trance mate keep it up

Keep up the good work.

IDK what about you guys, but i love the beat it has and the music itself. I think the beat itself if the trance part over here. Love this music. Keep uo the good ...erm great work actually!