Reviews for "-Never Forget (OM)"

I love the song but

The second half starting about 2:35 or so the vol seem to be a little louder a little over bareing at times, the ending is fine it alows for another song to mix in easyer. Other than that heres a 4/5.

love it

very good

Awesome <3

Love it. ^_^

SO sweet!

I thought that was soo great, I loved how the beginning went into the really epic part at 2:00 minutes. Not so fond of the ending though, it made me want the track to continue forever, but other than that I loved it!


At one point in the beginning I felt like the saws were getting a bit overwhelming, but then they seemed to be balanced out by the rest of the parts. and MAN! that part that came in around 2:00 was sick man. I was disappointed by the ending, however. Felt like it was a bit anticlimactic

Overall, nice job. 9/10, 5/5!