Reviews for "-Never Forget (OM)"


Hmm, I knew a song like this would make it to the top 5. Arpeggiated trance....obviously most people like it on here, however it is so over used thus unoriginal. Not that hard to make with a arpeggiator. However, its near christmas so I'm more in a happy mood today. I won't be harsh on the arpeggios.

Around 30 seconds I'm not a fan off. Your lead is copying what the bass is doing on every upbeat. The only difference is that your lead is actually changing notes. This is your typical electronic dance stuff here. Again, not very original.

Off topic...cool, I just noticed what NG did with the video player. Extra features = better.

1:50 okay something different here. Great job on those digital sounds. However, the pattern used does not get me all excited. You need to stop using that boring bass on every upbeat. Come up with something other than quarter notes and 1/8 notes.

Okay, sure a long ending. That's just your style. I like to finish a song with a climax...just me so not taking any marks off for your long ending.

Overall, your song screams unoriginal. Yes, arpeggios sound cool, the upbeat dance bass pattern can get people feeling the vibes, but in the end its all been done before. Generally, I don't mind the bass on the upbeat because that's the bread and butter in dance music, but your lead is essentially copying what the bass is doing. It needs to play something different so I don't get distracted from the repetitiveness.
However, I give you kudos for making the digital instrument sound good. Just need to make some more unique patterns rather than it just playing arpeggios again.

5/5 and 9/10 review. Have a great christmas holidays
Bye for now

its good

its a good smooth song mabey make it so the song gets going a bit faster

Great song...

This is very good, and very impressive! :D
Hope you don't mind a constructive comment...XD
The bass was a little to 3xosc... to much synth-sounding, try to get a more passive, powerfull bass, it would help allot to the song.
The main synth that comes in 2:17 is Ok, but it's to much 8 bit sounding.

Very nice equalising, and I loved the intro! :D The song has a very nice flow.

A big tip is to make the song much longer, with a longer intro and a bit longer anti-climax and climax. If you make the climax-buildup longer it would be more interesting. Example: after you build the main melody down, build it up again before you go full climax.

Turn the kick a little bit higher. Awesome sounding synth's on 1:50-2:15, very relaxing, though they still have that pumping going on! :D

Hope you don't find my review to criticising.

Work more with the song and it would sound more awesome than it already does! :D

Keep up the great work!


Pumping beats

Wow! I'm a big fan of trance music and this song is just great.
Congrats at getting to the top 5 best song of the week.
You really deserve it.


Congrats on top 5!