Reviews for "-Never Forget (OM)"

Are you all kidding?

This song is fabulous. I found it on a driving video on Youtube and can't stop listening to it since then.

Never Forget .

Who we are, or this song for that matter. It's actually a good song. I like it, it represents the outstretched reflections of ourselves in a dark world smothered by our blinded judgement, waiting for us to just wake up from our impaired perspectives, and agendas. Imagine the luminous essence of ourselves moving about revealing the world where ever they go, as their translucent selves.. The world is only dark, because of us. We broke our mirrors, pieces of ourselves were scattered nonchalantly, people just don't know who they are anymore. I'm sorry to say, but enough with all these stereotypes, emos ; jocks ; valley girls ; blondes ; etc. It's aggravating to see our own race diminish us, into a further schism. Religion, and opinions already did that enough. WE ARE ALL THE SAME, NEVER FORGET. EVER
- Daedal Nitency Ambage -

Great Song!

Definetly a great trance song

Simply Awesome.

This song reminds my of a Fight Movie for some reason, It just gives that feeling of dancing in a club, I like the way it goes up then down really fast the middle of the song was pretty good,But you could have made a little Echo when it started doing the beats again.


Well thats a nice trance song , but it absolutly needs a sub bass , cuz the song is EQ'ed too much on the mids , so you don't get the power u should have with that kick + bass , also the main synth on the sidechaining part is too loud . Nice melody and structure , typical trance. So yea , show us some more bass ;)