Reviews for "More And More"

Not really writing a review but more of a question

Why is it I've heard these lyrics moths ago on some other similar song, or what is the name of the original song ( for those vipers that read th Author Comments that want to attack me with stupid insults that don't effect me....don't bother I've read the comments). It just sound so......familiar.


I love how you gave absolutely no credit to DJ Hixxy for the source. DJ Hixxy's songs are great on their own, but if you wanted to remix it, the LEAST you could do is give credit for it.

AndreaDigita responds:

Thank you!!! I finally know who made the original song!

LOL I had absolutely no idea of who made the original, there are just so many versions of this song and I was afraid to be mistaken.

But anyway, tyvm for telling me (a lil bit rude, but tnx XD).


The vocals ruined this song for me. The accent the girl has on some of her words are just really weird, and mess up the song. Aside from the lyrics, the rest of the song was amazing.


for trance, this is extrely horrible.

Cannot Stand This!

I absolutely cannot like this crap... Don't care what things you guys will comment about this... I come from a heavy metal society and this is meant to die