Reviews for "More And More"

Holy crap

This song is pure awesomeness!

Amazing Andrea

Amazing absolutly amazing. I love the beats and i have to agree the voice matches the song perfectly. Its great to hear your music again.
Keep on going
-Goldentank50(a.k.a BBMC) i just cant stop listining to this.

nice remix

definitely lives up to the original song
my kind of music :3

AndreaDigita responds:

Tnx a lot :D

Wow hm

I was wondering when you were gonna make a new song and i just heard this on the main audio page. i was like "wow i like this" then i saw it was yours and thought " oh thats why haha." haha but yeah i like this song alot,..voting 5 :) cant wait til the next one


I'm EXTREMELY impressed!!! This song moves me! (I'd bob my head but I'm on my librarys computer!!!) Rating..... 9999999999999999999999999999999......