Reviews for "More And More"


this is probably the best "SONG" on newgrounds its not just a beat like half the other "songs" out there... its amazing why isn't this a 5 yet?!

HAHA just wait to you hear my collab!

I've got one of my own. but nice work. ill put mine up shortly. ^_^


This very good!:) Some few tips: If you'd hade a bit stronger bass, not much just a bit and get just a little more click on it, it would sound much better. This is just what i mean, I may be wrong about it:P Anyways, this is one of the top's on newgrounds!:D Really keep up the great work!D 5/5 9/10 :) Btw. loved the piano:)
very well done!:D



This song really shocked me when I entered the audio portal... This song is really great, though it would be better if you didn't do that weird thing with the vocals at some points in the song. Gonna surprise me more?

~Depes Crystalline~


even though sombody beat ya to it, its awesome man!!!