Reviews for "More And More"

Very Nice Collaboration

This is a beautiful song, very melodic and very much trance. To me this song speaks to the genre so well, and it really is just relaxing to listen to, but its also a trance. The piano in this song sounds familliar to another song I know, but I can't think of it off the top of my head. I am giving a nine because I give nines when I can feel something needs to be improved (even just a little) but I can't tell what. The kind of improvement that just comes with creating more music, you know?

More And More

The song was really amazing I could tell you spent a lot of time making it or you are really good at this. You definitely had the same type of beat the whole time but it didn't get repetitive which is a HUGE thing for me. Though the lyrics kind of got old the voice was beautiful so it didn't matter. The only reason I gave you a 9/10 was because of the lyrics work on that good job keep making music.


Loved the song part, somethign about vocals didn't sit just right with me :), but very good rated 5 stars


esta cancion esta genial ase k me den ganas de vailar hehe

only one thing that bothered me...

everything is right on this song, but the "more and more" part bothered me because the "and" seems out of pitch at times. At times it seems like it fits, but at times, it's kinda distracting to the main melody... maybe if the pitch on the and was just a note higher, it would fit perfectly, but that's just me... I'm all about making notes perfectly, so dont mind me lol.

but other then that well done.