Reviews for "Cyber Ortek Flier"

wow not bad AT ALL

a very very good game i gave it a 2 in humor simply because i thought the mines blowing up and killing everything was funny. But back on the point the game was one of the best flash games ive played in a while and i definitely recommend it

not bad

well wasnt too bad. simple but the bosses could use a bit more work. nice try though

Found one minor bug...

When I equipped the armor you win at the second planet (red/yellow) and the missle that cost 200 mp and did 1500% damage to the secondary slot (the names escape me, and I closed it), then went to change the primary slot from the basic fire weapon, the armor said beside it: Fire Breath, 9999MP, 9999% damage. Of course, being armor, this did nothing, just thought you might want to know. ^^

Not bad at all

Your game is pretty good,but not impresive.It had nice style and environments,but got really repetive.

Great game


now that thats outta my system

I enjoyed the game but the bosses were hard...TOO HARD *eerie music*