Reviews for "Cyber Ortek Flier"


well,that was pretty cool,i like all the level you put into the game and the fact that each has diffence difficult level and also the fact that each level take a while to finish,it not one of those game you finish in 10 minutes,also it s apretty good looking game,i like the bird or dragon not to sure about what it is,but its cool,well done,good job on the game...


this game was one of the best games i've played so far. I beat the game in one day and got the cyber ortek tech v.2. But why did you have to make the atomissile so destructive?!? i used it one time in crystalite boss and i died. other than that it was a very good game.

Very nice game!

Very nice game! Very good!

The bosses were perfect, even though people do say they had to much life they did not. They were exactly how they should be, a final boss character. No problems there.

Though on Tetreous the music stopped, not sure what happened, perhaps you should have music loop just to be in case. Never know when a battle can go longer then it should.

The wording/briefing of a mission should be more detailed. Saying things like "Uh, Yeah, destroy one of those big things," or "Uh just hold them off for awhile, make sure they don't take over the world or anything.".. I think it should be more professional, you know, "Protect our planet, they will not defeat us, and you will make sure to it!", None of this stutturing "Uh" such.

Also when you bought chassis like DarkTech, it would not appear in your already bought list, basicly not highlighted, so you would have to keep rebuying it. Went for the other armor too, minus the beginning one.

Also the gameplay at the final levels were horrible even for a new computer like mine. It was all fine until stage 9, where it lagged huge, and I could not control anything. You placed way to many of them around! I even tried it on easy without prevail, it was just to horrid, it would start chopping up like crazy!

But it is a very addicting game, I hope you expand this in the future.

Pseudolonewolf responds:

...Ah, I figured out how to respond to reviews!
So I'll address some things you said.

The music *does* loop, but for some reason it just doesn't start playing back again after it's finished. I'm uncertain as to why this is, or else I'd've fixed it. It seems to happen rarely though. I think it's just got something to do with my sloppy coding and too many sounds trying to play at once.

The 'casual' wording of those briefing things was me using my weird sense of humour that few would find funny. I hate it when things try to be so serious and dramatic, so I didn't go down that path.

...I haven't seen that armour-not-showing-up bug thing. I'll have to have a look at that later.

I never had any problems on the final level. It slowed down only very slightly on Medium quality, and I could control the Ortek fine. ...Your computer must not be as good as you think it is, or something?

I'm not going to make another simple side-scrolling shooter game like this again. The game I'm working on now is, I think, much better!

This game is SWEET!

This rocks.


Great graphics, Great gameplay, Great game. Please make more