Reviews for "Cyber Ortek Flier"

Nice detail

Well I have to say this was a very pleasent and refreshing game to play lots of detailed stuff and I thaught the graphics we're smooth and detailed and everything flowed well from one point to the next and I do enjoy what you done with the concept of it all a very nice game here I think you could ad more options to this and give it some even more explosive action but it's pretty good

More action more exploding ideas more stuff to destroy and such


Very good!
I like the music very much. The classical music in the menus are great and the action music is awesome for 2005.
The graphics are fairly good and even better than I remember, and it beats the heck out of games now, but mostly those who ether post the first game they did or didn't try enough, but the text is leaving me wanting more.
The game itself has something odd I discovered: Fly to the top of the screen in any boss fight or. in some cases, into the boss.
It being unfinished, however, makes me wonder if you'll truly finish it if ever. Updating it with modern day graphics, cleaning off some edges that are noticed only when paying mass attention to it and maybe adding some new levels, mechanics, upgrades and having the BOSS ITSELF hit you, as well as limiting yourself to the screen or at least where you can see the bottom of your wings so you're not invincible.
But there's one problem. Non existent plot. Maybe have the plot littered through the game, maybe tie it in with the action, have the bosses speak or at least show text if you improve it.
Altogether, it's not my whole favorite, but it's still good and the great parts shine through. If you will, and people may agree, please finish and/or redo it.

This game totally brings me back to the good old days! Love it!

I loved the graphics/chassis/music in fact I liked everything. Nice job :)

I used to play this when I was younger, and it was really cool