Reviews for "Cyber Ortek Flier"

really good man

this side scroolling shooting beats many other made by profissionals,this game is awesome,really nice.i think you should add in a later version those "unexistant" planets,more weapons,more armors,you know,a bit more of everything.it would be a crime not to make a sequel of this one....who knows,it could end up like alien hominid....

i almost never give 10s

u are a god of game making i play it on armor games over and over
again and i stil like it get amazd by its graphics and programing
i wood likeit if u make a 3d model of all enemys in this game (and the players race) and include the viewer

as for inproevments more enemys more dificultys

and i discoverd a bug that hapens somtimes:if u save before u enter a planet(any planet)and u die while trying somtimes when u click rety and load game it says u completed the planet olrady and u doont get any points exp or the extra tec not good if u havent completed the game olrady becose u have to start all over again very anoying

as for the first time players

play it at eazy first complete the game save play again(niew game+) doe that a cupelof times and crank up the diculty to hard complete the game a cupel of times and u shud rank in the hi sckore at abaut #160 or better(if u submit ure sckore of corse)

oh god i think i have to stop typing my fingers are bleeding inside and my musels in my hand are broken(or not? :P :) :P :) )

wooo hooo great game

that was a great game on my first go and on normal/medium whateva it was i got 152610 :D that boss guy is hard


Almost got 10000 pts on my first try, great game u got here great graphics sound I have no other comments

Super-Mega Awesome - Flies to the top of MY list!

This was undoubtedly one of the best games I have played on Newgrounds, with magnificent graphics, intuitive controls, and relentless action. The avatars alone deserve praise; many games use two weapons - but few are as beautiful to watch. The rest of the game's virtues form a long list: varied levels and enemies, intertial effects, translucent special efffects, multiple weapon selections, a good backstory, many variable settings, and steady, intense, action. Best of all, I'm sure that isn't a complete list...