Reviews for "Cyber Ortek Flier"

Wow!A Big One's Coming!

This one is great,but when will you get a full version?I just wait any longer!

great one

that was a very good game, a very good challenge too. i was starting to get a bit frustrated, but it was well worth it since it was so good. the graphics were great too and the audio as well. i notice that it was also created by you.... maybe you should also consider adding your music to the audio portal as well.
overall, this was an awesome game.


great shooter. it's fun & challenging (that 1st boss is so fuckin hard). though, i don't know if it's just my comp, but there was quite a bit of slowdown & really, i didn't see any point in adding rpg-like elements. good job though.


as everyone else is saying so far, the best game i have played (or damn close). great style and carried out well. would be more interesting though if previously stated, weapons to buy, or maybe some leveling. just another kind of thing to raise the game to the next interactive level. but still great as is.

Awsome Game

This is one of the best flash games i played its would be more fun if u had more weapons to buy and u can go back to the same place to lvl up except the missile needs to be reduced to 500 dmg
cuz i just wanted to try it it totally killed me and i forgot to save
~.~" maybe u shold make a 3 continute before u have to go back to saved game