Reviews for "moral sense"


don't litter. that first guy shouldve picked it up
I loved it!!!
I'd watch it again


This isn't my favorite, particularly. It was nice that you tried to do something new with your graphics/art, but it wasn't that great for me. The music was pretty good, and I liked how you ended the animation.

good one

that was a very nice animation. i didn't exactly understand the whole concept or 'moral' to this one, except that it revolved mostly around that enpty soda can. it was pretty good overall though, very nice graphics, nice music, and it offered some good entertainment.
i liked this one, good work on it, and glad to see this one win an award.


Well it calming and beutiful but the music started getting very annoying other wise good movie has a good point to it too

moo cow

the graphics where sweet and so was the sound but i dont get the can... anyway im bord and now im gonna go watch stickmen kill eatch other =D bye