Reviews for "moral sense"

-snif- ;_;

i sincerely hoped the can would find its way to the initial teenager from the beginning... but not before going through some very interesting moments with other characters

i wonder. did you run out of things to add? because i can give you a LOT of ideas for it xD;

... ru sure there's nothing more u can add to this? >.< or is there a part 2?


so...is recycling good or bad?


This art style is a bit different from your other works, but plot to the story seemed more deeper than the others. I really liked it but I was sad when it ended. It just seemed like there would've been more to it. Though....amazing. There isn't always a happy ending to a story.

reminds me of me

i was once that little farmers boy
time has passed and the urban methane has sunken into me
now i am but that ignorant tennager in the beginning.

I wish to experience beauty in the simplest form and you have provided that in many ways. Now the only goal for me left is to go find the most peaceful country side in asia. Till then i shall be stuck in the depths of the black, white and gray city cage known as New York City.


Great animation and a good story. Was saddened how at the end, the can wasn't properly disposed...