Reviews for "moral sense"

Really amazing flash

Graphics where really well done, the feel to it was great, very thought out, this totally gets my vote for a 5!

nice job!

nice art, music and everything else, but i didnt got the point of this.
i watched about minute or two how did it spinned behind the rock then i found play again button and then i noticed its over. XD


and hey the second orchestral was from THE BEATLES song...didnt know it sounded like that... awesome

Actually quite good

Very interesting, one of those kinda artsy things. If im not mistaken this is kinda saying "hey there, dont do whats wrong, you dont know who it will affect" kinda thing. Very nice. I liked the music, and i did notice that the song near the end was a orchestrated version of Norwegian Wood by The Beatles. Very nice.


don't litter. that first guy shouldve picked it up
I loved it!!!
I'd watch it again