Reviews for "moral sense"


I think you shouldev mADE IT TO WHERE THE BOY WHO DIDNT THROW IT AWAY FOUND IT LATER AS AN OLD MAN OR SOMETHING, OVERALL IT WAS GOOD (sorry i accedentally hit caps when typing)


and hey the second orchestral was from THE BEATLES song...didnt know it sounded like that... awesome


Wow. That was freakin great! I loved it! It must have taken ages to draw those backgrounds and the uniqueness of it was just amazing! Keep up the great work!


One mans trash is another mans treasure. Why is this movie not on your website? I know it differs from the rest in animation and such, But it is still an amazing flash.

Love ur stuff!

Hey man, I just want to say that I really love all of your flashes!!! Please keep 'em coming!! And see you soon