Reviews for "moral sense"

It's a fine work of Flash

I like the atmosphere in this movie, but overall the story needed some... closure, I guess.


great animation. but i didnt understand what u were trying to prove




The animation really as far as I can see doesn't really have a point or a moral to it. Sure its bad to litter, but you need to establish why its bad to litter. I just didn't really see the point of this animation. Does the can just sit there? Its not like its really hurting anything while its spinning there. Another thing to work on is the framerate or something. It just seemed choppy to me and kind of took away from the animation. Other than those two points I have to make, it was a well done animation, don't get me wrong. The sound quality was excelent and the graphics were amazing. Good job overall, but in the future try to establish a point for the animation and work on the animation so it isn't choppy when characters are moving about.

good idea, bad ending

i love the sound, the music, i really like the animation and the characters (the first guy.. isn´t he Yoh Asakura from Shamang King?) i think that is a really good animation, bus the end... it doesn´t make any sense, i don´t find the conclusion .
Overall i congratulate your job