Reviews for "moral sense"

so... what did you mean by that exacly? o.O;

Graphics: very good, but thats of course expected from an asian flash maker guy (not trying to create stereotype)

Style: very..... odd o.0;;
or is it philosophic or something? i didnt quite get the idea of your "story of a can"

Sound: very good. nuff said XP

Violence: well.... there WAS violence applied to the can while the kids played kickthecan, wasnt there? XD

Interactivity: its not very intractive.... only a replay button

Humor: even if there was some i didnt understand it n_n;;


um...i didn't quite get this one. a can that goes one from one place to another...uh...cool. i guess...

THIS is pathetic.

it doesnt teach anything. i almost voted five thinking it would teach you to not throw rubbish on the floor, but no. its almost saying throw your trash on the floor and see how far it goes. the graphics were rubbish, and so was the story. at least put a moral at the end next time.

Very well done.

Umm just theres some parts that looked very wierd.

Like the boy with the red shirt. when you first see him he looks like a fat boy. but then when hes running he looks like sticks. So it doesn't even look like the same person.

And the boy at the beginning that buys the can his walking was a bit choppy.

But i love your art the last bit with the boy on the bridge made me think of Maplestory!! <3 Best game ever.

Not what I was expecting

I was thinking this would turn out to be in a city and somebody throws a can in the street and then you showed how long it would stay there if nobody ever picked it up. Taking a trip with a can was ok too but now I'm umm...dam forgot what I was going to say..Anyway nice flash keep up the good work.