Reviews for "Flash Fodder"

Got bored fast.

Very very dull. I got bored in the middle of the 3 mission

Not great but not bad

It was a trifle repetitive and it wasn't very hard to complete. Good time killer though

nice game

its a fun game but all the missions are the same that makes it boring i hope there will be a another version of this.....good job!

i mean what can i say..

this gmae has like no god replay ability and is easyly beaten on the hard mode.... The graphics aren't the best and it doesn't really itneract with u... 7 words..play it once then u'll get bored

Good game--

I was like playing and, it was fun then i killed evryone and found that i coudnt get out of the levl. Anways: gameplay is sik and really cool idea keep up the good work