Reviews for "Flash Fodder"

Great game

great game with a little unique style. Great job.

great game

Ok, so it had three guns, one mode of play, repetitive gameplay but in the end of teh day it was a great game. It was fun dodging bullets, and hiding behind cover. AI was good, they always shot on target but if your mvoements are good you can dodge it well.

Maps were simple but fun! Trees snowmen and cars were all fun to hide behind while blowing up buildings was great. The large areas meant there was always an enemy somewhere.

My only negative thought is that the shotgun is made so that the bullets are alwyas along a diagonal line, meanng if i shoot Bottom-
Right to Top-Left, they end up in a useless straight line instead of a
sprayed shot.

Gameply was simple yet needed good timing and even some strategy. The idea of getting cover and blowing up things was a nice touch. Graphics were simple but nice and the weapons were limited but again, simple is a good way.

No bugs, sounds good to me

I didn't catch a single bug. not one. a few things to consider in a sequel (kinda hopin). variety. Killing and blowing the terrorists is great, but why not add a king of the hill mission? maybe entering the buildings to blow them up? even a stealth mission? changing weapons or even gettingto thepoint of buying weapons to add to your arsenal. these are just sugestions, nothing you really need to follow. great game. 5


It dam crap that i cant play it (don't know why) but the game must be good if it has 100k views.

Slightly dull but has potential

I wasn't entirely impressed by this game.

On the one hand it was easy to move around and you could aim wherever. But it was repititive in the fact that all levels seemed the same, I got bored easily but that's just me.

Perhaps being able to use the vehicles might help, then again it might be pointless. I think expanding the game and including new things might help.

Aside from the repition I liked it, it has potential if you take it and add new things to it. New objectives, make it clear what you do on each level otherwise you just shoot soldiers and eventually come across something new.