Reviews for "Flash Fodder"

Was expecting a Flash conversion of Cannon Fodder and it sort of is? Like a very basic one if you squint hard enough, game's no fun though, you move way too f*cking slow for how huge the maps are even with sprinting and it just looks and plays so dull, a little more color in the levels would have been nice.

I found this to be a pretty good game. By "pretty good" I mean very close to being mediocre. It's pretty nice to see some good graphics at the beginning. The actual game itself doesn't really focus on that. It gets a bit too redundant with how it works. I'm not quite sure what the title means.

I don't know what the flash is supposed to be. Are you saying this is just a flash representation of fodder? The music and sounds aren't bad. It's annoying with how you have to hide behind places. It's mostly best to just get this done with on the go.


I thoughy that all your reviews was shit till I reached a few levels and the buildings didnt wanted to explode.The game is too full of gliches



Canon Fodder?

The game really was not so bad, It was Easy and not as Challenging as I thought. I do give you credit for making the Game Similar to an old Sega game I used to play....Cannon Fodder.