Reviews for "Flash Fodder"

not good,not bad

thats got SOME potential but its not to good yet the enemy cant move you can accurately fire worth shit but not bad....**

a beginning

cant wait to see more games like this, i loved the sprint, without that there would have been a lot of trouble. and a map would have been nice so i wouldnt get lost.

there are so many ideas you can put into this game, cant wait to see what scenarios come next.

My grandma runs faster than him..

It was incredibly fun... it's only downfall was that it was too short and that you move way too slow. even with running i felt like i was moving like a snail... well ok not incredibly slow but it made gameplay far more difficult. Dodging machine guns would have been a simpler task if you could move faster. otherwise good job guys. and bring a sequel with less with more levels weapons and improvements... a weapon selection option if possible?

nice job man!

nice game man.... it was pretty sick, except i'm not that good at it... i mean i beat it, but i sucked... also, try adding a few more weapons, like grenades and rockets... i like the hiding behind shit... that was cool; overall, nice game!

got my arse kicked

maybee if i wasnt drinking it woulda been cooler