Reviews for "Flash Fodder"

((VOTED 5))

This was a very nice game. I liked the way you could make yourself a recruit a veteran and army stuff like that. The way you could choose your place was okay. The fighting though just didnt cut the cheese. The enemys had no AI so they were just spinning around in one place shooting you. The trees and stuff were no help for cover and all of the levels were the same. Next time I think you should amke every level a completely diferent setting.

EXTRA COMMENTS: now off to iraq for me. K THX BYE



this was a good game butbutbutbutbutbut the levels needed different scenes

(; was it based on 'cannon fodder' on megadrive? ;)

Fairly decent

Not much to say, whats bad is just the fact there are at least 50k games nearly identical all over the web, however this one sticks out as being actauly somewhat good


The gameplay was great, the problem is how the character moves I better suggest that you increase the movement a little

don't really know

hmm.Ok this is a preety simple,cool game the small details you did put in to the background you could blow up cars shoot head of snowmen mess down trees but you need to think about quality
in the gameplay not that interactive because of the machine gun was so undescent machine gun is ment to be a little more rapid maybe the bullets could split up in a chosen ratio.shot gun was kinda good. to much imortality you couldn't die! you did only put in shotgun and machine gun as far as i came.and i came preety far..

YOU have potential but you do not use it really try put in a charakter select(not really neccesary but fun) some upgrades maybe a weapon shop more enemies less health etc. if you follow this i would gladly give this a 4 maybe (in a preety big case)a 5!