Reviews for "Flash Fodder"

whats with all the bad reviews

sure, it's repetitive but it repeats a pretty fun game, even though it's kinda glitchy at times. But overall it's pretty average.

Some good ideas, some not so.

The actual gameplay was good, what with the walking around 'n' stuff, butthe enemies were all identical, and some of the could shoot bullets out of their backs. Also, the levels all looked the same, regardless of where they were on the map. This game is not so good as a one-player game, but if you added some more features and weapons, maybe more characters and animation, and made it multiplayer it would e a hit!

fun give it a try

Bad graphics takes just a second to get used to and get good at it but besides that its a good game but it doesnt have alot of wpns



Repetative, boring.

The repeating scenery and enemies in this game make it feel like your playing the same level over and over. For some reason, the only enemies that actually move at all are at the begining of the level, and they can only move in one direction. The artwork and gameplay are pretty bland. Not really worth playing to the end.