Reviews for "The Black Dragon Project"


... But nothing amazing.
It would be a lot cooler if you had more original characters (ie not generic anime).I also think, sizewise, you should compress the imported images a bit more.
Can't really comment much on gameplay or any other elements, one battle with a simple foe doesn't give much to go on, but if the other elements are good and there's something that seperates it from the numerous other games like it, it could turn out quite nicely.
I am co-owner of a website that offers hosting for things like this, but only if we think it's worth it. Anyway, follow the link in my profile if you're interested.

Xenoc responds:

Fair enough, the preview can't really speak for the whole game, seeing as it's only one small battle. As for characters don't worry about that :/ as the game progress you pick up lots of interesting characters to use. I'll take a look at your website to. :p

This was good.

I can't wait to see the full version. ;] This was great, except for the not-so-great art. Otherwise, keep at it! This may end up being a bit like that BATTLEON game, which I came not to much of my liking, but maybe plenty of others will enjoy it. So far I think I would play it quite a bit in my spare time (which I've got way too much of :S) so. Yeah. ;P


I can't wait until it is finished. Make sure you add cool music to the finished version, though.