Reviews for "The Black Dragon Project"

looks superb!!!

i'm really not a big fan of selecting options as a style of gameplay, very boring.
however, the graphics in this game are pretty fuck'n intense.
i'd say superb acctually. it looks awesome. specially the effects on your magick shit.
and i like the dudes sword man :D.
rpg's are not me so i'll prolly not see the whole thing, but after the screen shots i'm convinced that you kick ass at this flash shit!!!!! keep it up!!! cuz you've got the n64 beat. :D

good game

i think it can be a great game, i think its that way becuse of some reasons:
1- its preety like the web game battleon wich i preety like if it wornt a player limited.
2- i liked the general look of sumthin dark- unknown
3- i dono, i just like it!!
keep doing a good jub doing it!!


Give us more.

Interesting, I enjoyed the game as a whole. Please make more. I was a tad annoyed by the irritating music, and bad sound quality, but im sure that'll ease up. Good Luck.


Yes I do like this, I like this very much!!!


I loved it a good FF feel to it