Reviews for "The Black Dragon Project"

very nice

nice game... to bad it's not the full game(have no speakers so i can't judge sound)

Xenoc responds:

The full game, well chapter 1 that is, is up on filefront at:

Sometimes I get an error, but I can download it myself when I retry, hopefully everyone else can eventually
download it too.

great potential~

this game could be really good and you perfected on the gaming engines and all wich is great.The gameplay for battles is basic and simple so that any idiot should know what to do. If you're looking to look at some small details, then you should look at the character design. "Venom" i'm guessing that guy is called is a great character with an awesome sword that i'd like to steal =P the prob is with his cape...it just looks weird when he's standing/running with it. Should make it logical and not so long..i'm surprised he doesn't trip and fall wen he's running with it. when he's standing with it, it looks like theres a small black cave behind him. sorry i'm picky lol~ but gameplay is fine and great and hope you get your game out soon so i can play, and i'll try to overlook the details of all the drawings =P

Bad Copy

Looks like you Played to much on shadowzard.battleon dot com ..
For me it looks like a bad Copy..

Xenoc responds:

Never heard of it. Looks good though, I think I'll start playing it.


The engine is ok I gusse, Just make the real thing.


yeah this totally looks like Adventure Quest RPG. Maybe it's where you got inspiration or whatever but for a beta I can't really tell.
Anyways decent. too short to really give it anything higher than a 5, and beside it's only a beta.

Xenoc responds:

Yes it's too short, I wish I could of made it larger. The problem is the full chapter is so large that If I added any more content to the preview it would of gone over 6mb.