Reviews for "The Black Dragon Project"


What the hell was that?
It looked like a blend of high-school, poorly drawn anime mixed with drama and bad sound!

In the preview clips you spelled Assassin wrong

The semi annoying music didn't take the sound down it was the magic and slashing sounds...they were the most annoying but then again all are...
There isn't that much violence
Graphics are alot like battleon(AQ)...
Style is great
Interactivity is well...great bcuz it's a game
Overall I think this will be a great game

Pretty good

Not bad, I'm interested to see more. Good preview though, keep up the good work :)


A pretty good game, it'd be good but I hate that style of battle (hit, your turn, hit, your turn), the graphics were all pretty much the same reused AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, warn me about the high pitched bat squeak! I had my head phones on full!

Nice job

Well mate, youve got real potential and I hope you carry on with this service, ill vote a 5 because basically, you deserve it. i hope your submission doesnt get blammed and i hope to see the full version.
Carry On

Xenoc responds:

The full version of chapter 1 is too big to be hosted here, but it's done. The .swf is on filefront at: