Reviews for "Captain Capitalism"


That Pwns!! Im still laughing from that hula dance that dick did! @_@ HAHA LOL! U ROCK!!!

i have a few notes to add

1) They didnt leave dick on ornery, he was made that way
2) I never thought about poop=shit how it haven't im bewildered
3) oh yeah "sex" the FCC

(awesome movie)


LOL! I don't think I'd ever laugh so hard at Cheney. I salute you, Captain!

F-::Bleep::-ing Awesome!!!

Dude, that was so cool and funny! Awesome fucking job! ^.^ I like the art too, kinda reminds me of Ren and Stimpy.


This was absolutely hilarious. I've never seen anything like this ever. If I could I'de give this a 6 instead of a 5. Keep up the good work.