Reviews for "Captain Capitalism"


that was hilareos!!! i laughed through the whole thing!

Good But...

It need a Sub Tittle...

Great for first submission. Want to see more.

I thought it was funny and altough I agree this may not be the funniest Flash ever on this sight, graphically it ranks with one of the best I have ever seen online (although there seems to be a compression issue with the beeps). Would like to see more of a "propaganda" angle in the next short. I do not see the Jib Jab comparisons, but definately the Spumco influence. Great site too. As I am Captian Capitalism would say "It is never too early to start selling goods and services that support your new cartoon, Commie Bastard"


Hilarious.. I Love super heros who are total idiots and try to do good but just screw up trying lol

Captain Capitalism i$ my hero

a real professionally done presentation. i find myself wondering what (if any) weeknesses cc has: like overdrafted creditcards, bounced checks, or counterfeit money. what's missing is an origin story and a major nemisis like super socialism or something. i really enjoyed it and will check back and maybe by something.